Consumer Warning

In June 2017, the National Funeral Director’s Association issued a consumer warning against Heritage Cremation Providers, otherwise known as Legacy Funeral Service. Heritage Cremation Providers and Legacy Funeral Service are online cremation providers that collect money for cremation services and then outsource their work to local funeral homes. They misrepresent themselves as being a local, family-owned, and low-cost cremation society. Neither of these entities operates a crematory, nor are they licensed funeral homes, nor do they employ licensed funeral directors. Their sales tactics, misrepresentations on their website, and consistent carelessness and disregard for the dignity of the deceased has led the FTC to pursue legal action against them in several states.  Heritage and Legacy services have countless consumer complaints and have been ordered to cease and desist operations in several states. Even in states where there is no current legal action, consumers should be aware of the complaints that have been filed against these entities. Mealey Funeral Homes & Crematory does not work with Heritage Cremation Providers or Legacy Funeral Service in any respect and is highly disappointed in the treatment of their customers in the Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania area.

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